AVAILABLE IN 315Mhz, 433Mhz OR 868Mhz                                                              






ST-IVB TCP/IP alarm control panel TOUCH SCREEN

◎ Full touch screen glass board panel

◎ Speech indication for all operation steps, LCD screen
◎ 8 wired 32 wireless zone, 32 BUS zone,210 zone total
◎ 4 subsystem, bidirectional wireless communication
◎ Build-in GSM, TCP/IP module
◎ Build-in GPRS wireless communication module, support GPRS        data transmission.
◎ 32 electric appliance control, electric appliance switch timely           control
◎ Muti-Code Non-repeat holographic code
◎ Build-in songs doorbell and sound siren
◎ Remote control by telephone,10s address recording,                       arm/disarm timely and freely 

 ◎ Wireless equipment status checking, wireless alarm linkage
                                                                       ◎ Telephone line cut alarm
                                                                       ◎ Reminder windows and doors is not closed
                                                                       ◎ Build-in 9.6V/1000mAh rechargeable battery



 ST-IIB TCP/IP alarm control panel TOUCH SCREEN

◎ Full touch screen glass board panel
◎ Speech indication for all operation steps,  LCD screen,
◎ 8 electric appliance control,1 wireless siren, 1 wireless                    doorbell, built-in sound siren
◎ 2 Center Monitoring Station phone,6 alarm user phone,                Contact ID CSM connection protocol.
◎ Support two-way communication, enable work with 8 dual-             way wired keypad, 8 dual-way wireless keypad, 8
dual-way             remote.
◎ Support GSM and TCP/IP protocol, network alarm settings.
◎ Built-in video module, can view video output on line.
◎ Wireless/wired zone status real time monitoring. Wireless               detector status real time monitoring
◎ Tel-line off alarm and Neighbor phone transmit alarm.
◎ 4 group timing arm/disarm setting. Remotely arm, disarm,                                                                                   listen-in function.
                                                                       ◎ Arm/disarm status resume after power off, can choose                                                                                          arm/disarm message report to CMS freely.
                                                                       ◎ 64 event log and inquiry, 10s for recording.
                                                                       ◎ Alarm wireless linkage


FC-7668- wired and wireless compatible alarm       control panel

◎ voice operation menu and voice prompt.

◎8 tamper-checking wired zone,32 wireless zone,128 BUS                  zone(with tamper-checking single zone module)
◎8 independence or public partitions.
◎16 programmable access wireless remote, 10 programmable              access keypad, 32 wireless appliance switch,8 wireless siren.
◎Support SD card update application software.
◎Support GSM,TCP/IP, networking alarm setting.
◎Can extend GPRS wireless communication module, support               GPRS data transmission.
◎Can extend programmable Relay module,serial module.
◎Can set 8 private telephone numbers.
◎Remote voice prompt operation.
                                                                    ◎Built-in electronic clock,can realize 4 groups timing                                                                                                arm/disarm 
everyday, 2 groups timing alarm clock.

                                                                    ◎AC off,wireless/wired detectors trouble reporting.                                                                                                ◎Can set self-checking time report to control panel                                                                                                  automatically.

                                                                    ◎512 loop event record.                                                                                                                                      ◎AC off,wireless/wired detectors trouble reporting.



    FC-300 Wired and Wireless Compatible Alarm Control             Panel

   ◎ Voice indication for operation,LCD display.
   ◎ 8 wired zone, 32 wireless zone
   ◎ Support dual-way communication, can connect 8 dual-way               wired or wireless keypad, 8 dual-way intelligent remote.
   ◎ 2 CMS telephone numbers, 6 follow me numbers, Contact ID           communication protocol.
   ◎ support GSM, TCP/IP, GPRS data transmission
   ◎ wireless detector low battery real time monitoring, Auto                   testing user online status is optional.
   ◎ 4 groups time for timely arming/disarming., Remote                         arm/disarm, spot listening.
   ◎ Arm/disarm status recover when power off, can select free                arm/disarm information transmission via network.
   ◎ 64 system events record, 10 seconds record for voice alarm                                                                                  information.
                                                                       ◎ Wireless alarm link output



  MD-324R Wireless two-way solar-powered audible/visual     siren 

 ◎It is included by emitter, flash, siren and solar power. Arm and        disarm by remote. Good compatibility, can receive emitting              signal of all detectors and flash synchronously, synchronously          alarm with control panel.
 ◎Advanced regenerated solar power, Hidden installation in                  effective area. 
   Immediate alarm synchronously with control panel once                  detector is triggered .
 ◎Compared with battery, solar power is pollution free, low cost          and can be taken advantage freely.
 ◎Can learn 48 wireless equipment.
 ◎DC power:Solar power Polysilicon solar power battery board 
 ◎built-in battery:6V/4Ah
 ◎Wireless receiving sensitivity:≥104dB
                                                                     ◎Emitting frequency:14±1dB




MD-314R Wireless outdoor solar sound and light siren

◎It is a practical deterrent 
◎Can control alarm or not by remote
◎Ease and simple to use, easy to install
◎Learning style software control coding, safely and difficult to             decipher
◎Can learn 48 wireless equipment
◎Fits for residential, shop, factory, warehouse, department store          and offices.
◎DC power:DC12V(built-in rechargeable battery:12V/500mA)
◎Remote distance:> 100 m
◎Operating Temp:-10℃~ +50℃
◎Alarm volume:110 dB





 FC-7664  wired and wireless compatible alarm control panel

◎Support two-way communication, enable work with 8 two-way   wired keypad or 8 dual-way wireless keypad, 8 two-way             intelligent remote Control.

◎support GSM and TCP/IP protocol,network alarm settings.
◎Brand-new 16 bits high speed MCU, with voice prompt                      operation.
◎16 wired + 48 wireless+24 Bus.
◎2 CMS telephone number, 1 remote programming telephone            number, 8 private alarm telephone number.
◎Contact ID communication protocol, MEIAN-II BUS protocol.
◎Built-in electronic clock supporting 4 groups timing arm/disarm,        2 groups timing alarm clock.
◎16-channels remote control program.
                                                                    ◎Can connect with alarm linkage output.
                                                                    ◎Subsection record, partition arm , auto listening-in spot.
                                                                    ◎AC fault or wireless/wired detectors trouble reporting function.
                                                                    ◎Can set self-checking time auto reporting control panel.




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